Prib Chamber Organ D. Prib 2007





Bordun 8’

it is based on early Baroque type found in the work of Steffan Kuntz or Nicolaus Manderscheidt. Similar Burdon is to be found in the Slovak chair organ in Antol from the second third of 17th century. Pipes of rather thick scale (mensura) offer good foundation of the disposition of the organ.

Flauto 4’

stopped wooden voice with clear sound can be used in conjunction with Bordun or alone as a solo stop, or a foundation to aliquotes.

Prinzipal 2’

open wooden pipes are scaled and voiced according to the Principale of the “organo di legno” of the St. Maria di Montepulciano. Very significant is the initial “chiff” due to rather low mouth apertures (less than ¼ L). It can be used also as a solo stop, especially in the bass.

Quint 1 1/3'

tin, principal scale

Mixtur 1' (2 ranks)

tin, it forms 3 rank mixture together with the Quint 1 1/3, but for practical reasons, the Quint can be drawn separately as an individual rank.

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Prib Chamber Organ D. Prib 2007